The Silk Market (Khan Al-Harir):

A TV serial of 23 episodes first telecast in 1996 and immensely popular with viewers. Its events take place in the 1950s in Syria, a time of serious political tensions which led to the short-lived union between Syria and Egypt. It depicts the social, economic and political life at the time through the lives of people connected to the Aleppo silk market, home of the famous textile trade.

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The Silk Market (Part II):

A TV serial of 25 episodes produced by the Orbit Satellite Channel and telecast in 1998, which was widely welcomed and as popular as the first series. It follows up the situation in Syria at the time of the Syrian-Egyptian union and its impact on the destiny of the characters introduced in the first series. The events continue up to the day of separation from Egypt and the breakup of the union. This serial explores the reason for the separation and identifies those responsible for it. Its screening inspired controversy and debate in official, academic and wider public circles.

The full series has been screened throughout the Middle East (where it still being repeated many years later) as well as in Germany and in Australia where it was subtitled in English and broadcast twice by SBS Televison.

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Al-Thuraya (Al-Thuraya):

A serial of 33 episodes telecast in the beginning of 1997. It was widely acclaimed, winning a silver prize in the Cairo Festival for TV serials and programs the same year. The story spotlights the life of the family of a pasha of Turkish descent both at the eve and the morning of the Ottomans’ move out of Syria and the coming of the French. An epic of love and individual courage, it depicts an exceptional love story between Thuraya, the Pasha’s daughter, and an anti-Turkish highwayman who sympathises with the poor. It also depicts the beginning of cultural and political enlightenment in Syrian society.

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